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Healthy plants begin with healthy soil. Putting life back into soil is our mission.

Rhizosphere Solutions offers unique scientific sustainable ways to naturally improve soil health. Using these proven methods, will boost crop health, crop performance, crop production and increase soil sustainability while reducing commercial inputs and improving soil health and the health of all living things.

We are experts at restoring overworked and abused soils. Our expertise is improving the rhizosphere plant growing environment, restoring soil health. We work directly with the grower/user, discussing and identifying their specific needs and challenges. We evaluate geographic location, soil types, crops grown, crops rotated, fertility programs, pesticide programs, and soil test results. With our extensive agronomic and microbiological knowledge and experience, we evaluate and offer solutions to help improve soils and resolve agronomic issues.

Our mission is to put life back into soils.  We do this by supplying the grower/user with custom formulated natural bacteria blends.  Our blends are in a proprietary dry water soluble form that can be easily mixed in the spray tank and applied; or dry applied to artificial media, manure, compost and fertilizers.

Rhizosphere’s Therapy Brand products are 100% all-natural United States sourced  NON-GMO and OMRI Certified pure true to type bacteria strains that are never sourced from waste. Therapy Brand Gram Positive Asexually Reproducing Bacteria have a proprietary 5-year shelf life, the longest in the industry. Therapy Brand Gram Negative Asexually Reproducing Bacteria have a proprietary 3-year shelf life, the only one of its kind in the industry. Both are offered in proprietary dry water-soluble powders. Our products require no special refrigeration, no culturing, no fermentation and no special storage or preparation prior to use. They are safe with low use rates, easy to mix and apply. Therapy Brand products are super concentrated and contain the highest (CFU) counts available. At our lowest rate, most Therapy Brand products provide over 1 Trillion CFU’s per 4 ounces of product per acre.

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Soil Health Key Points

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Therapy Brand products restore the natural rhizosphere, “the way nature intended”!

Therapeutic blends of probiotic bacteria

All Therapy Brand products are OMRI Certified, NON-GMO, 100% Natural Organic and are Sourced from bacteria in the United States. They contain the highest CFU concentration of probiotic bacteria in the industry. Therapy Brand products are recommended  for all Green Growing Industry situations.

"Healthy plants begin with Healthy Soil"



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