Frank Reed of Rhizosphere Solutions was interviewed in early 2018 for an article in Soil & Mulch Producer News.

“Rhizosphere Solutions is a Louisville, TN based company outside of Knoxville. Frank Reed’s business partner has been manufacturing beneficial bacteria which they describe as ‘probiotic solutions for soil and plant health,’ for the past 3 years. Frank manages the agronomy side and his partner the microbiology.

Why the interest in using beneficial bacteria for soil and plant health? “The use of commercial inputs is quick to solve a specific problem,” said Frank, adding, “But then they create other problems. I’ve always been on the side of moderation in the industry or maybe even leaning more toward the conservative side.”

Frank has seen both sides of managing soil and plant health – using commercial inputs as well as natural solutions. “My family owned a fertilizer and pesticide manufacturing and application business,” he explains. “It was a very large operation. It started in ‘76 and it went through to the ‘80’s until the recession hit.”

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