therapy Naf®
(Nitrogen Assimilator Fixator)



  • Capture and Conversion of Nitrogen for Plant Use in Atmosphere (Nitrogen Fixation)
  • Capture and Conversion of Nitrogen for Plant Use in Water, Soil and Fertilizer (Nitrogen Assimilation)
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therapy Naf (Nitrogen Assimilator Fixator)

Therapy Brand products are unique and precise proprietary therapeutic blends of probiotic bacteria designed to improve and restore soil health and soil life by improving the plant growing environment (rhizosphere). It has been known for decades that unhealthy soil, fertilizer and pesticide practices have contributed to soil life decline and even soil death. Soil is a living ecosystem. Plants can only thrive and flourish when their growing environment (rhizosphere) contains Living Probiotic Bacteria. Plants can protect themselves against pest when probiotic bacteria are present which is why plants have survived for hundreds of millions of years without commercial products. Therapy Brand products are all-natural NON-GMO pure true to type bacteria strains that are never sourced from waste. Therapy Brand Gram Positive Bacteria have a proprietary 5-year shelf life, the longest in the industry. Therapy Brand Gram Negative Bacteria have a proprietary 3-year shelf life, the only one of its kind in the industry. Both are offered in proprietary dry water-soluble powders. Therapy Brand products require no special refrigeration, storage or preparation prior to use. They are safe with low use rates, easy to mix and apply. Therapy Brand products are super concentrated and contain the highest (CFU) counts available. Therapy Brand products can restore life to your soil and unlock its full potential providing you with healthier plants, safer consumables while preserving the environment. “Healthy Plants begin with Healthy Soil”

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